It’s been a while

I haven’t updated or written anything on my website for a long time.
2019 was an intense year for me: I traveled to Morocco, Croatia, Germany and even to the new world (for the first time in my life) or to be more precise: Costa Rica.
So of course I wasn’t inactive photographically, and can look back on many beautiful moments. This can also be seen in the galleries, which are all revised.
In the Southeast Asia gallery, I added some pictures from Borneo, which I didn’t finishes in March 2019. The Central Europe Gallery was expanded to include a few number of photographs from the Bavarian Forest and the Balkan gallery now shows a few newer shots from Croatia, especially Cres island.
Totally new is the Central America gallery. I spent four months in Costa Rica collecting data for my master’s thesis and gained various new experiences. There were also numerous opportunities for photography in Costa Rica during that time and I took my first steps working with a camera trap.

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